4Lift mobile hydraulic gantry

Max. load
(4-tower setup)


Max. lifting


System setup


The mobile hydraulic gantry is intended for handling and lifting heavy industrial components weighing up to 725 T to the height of over 8 m. Thanks to its mobility on its track on its own runway, the gantry can transport suspended cargo in both directions parallel to the runway. The sliding system on lifting beams enables precise sliding of cargo across the runway. The system can operate in all conditions, both on construction sites and in production halls. The gantry is equipped with autonomous electric power supply system, but can also be powered from the grid 3 x 380 V.

  • 4 double cylinder sets
  • transverse beams of varying lifting capacity
  • slide rails
  • 2 power generators driven by a diesel engine for autonomous operation
  • current connection 3 x 380 V for operation with power from the grid

This system consists of four lift towers, each equipped with two hydraulic cylinders. The modular design of the gantry enables its easy transport using a standard truck set and its quick preparation to operation in its place of destination. Mobilization of the gantry takes up to 8 hours and depends on the type of land on which lifting or handling is planned.

Mobile gantry applications