Hydraulic skidding set

Zestaw do przemieszczanie hydraulicznego metodą ślizgową

Max. weight
of skidded items


Total length
of skidding beams


Max. load
of hydraulic jack


Hydraulic handling is a type of transport of heavy industrial components provided by sliding the cargo atop sliding beams. The transport is completed on construction sites, in shipyards, industrial halls, etc. In sea and inland ports, it enables to move heavy loads from the place of assembly to the range of floating and ship cranes, and load on and unload from pontoons. Another important application is use of the system for assembly or disassembly of equipment on their foundations, unloading from wagons or cars.


  • Sliding beams of 160x160mm and 300 x 300 mm in section, with the total length of 800 m,
  • Hydraulic cylinders of different piston strokes and load capacities from 2 to 140 T,
  • Rigid sliding carts and trolleys with the possibility of hydraulic displacement – enable sliding transport of structures of up to 5000 T.