Beförderung des Kernreaktors aus Żarnowiec zum Hafen Loviisa

In 1994, on the order of ELEKTRIM S.A., our company transport a reactor with a steam generator to Finland. The 252.3 T reactor together with the 158.0 T upper block and the 165.0 T steam generator came from the uncompleted nuclear plant construction in Żarnowiec, and were destined to the port of Loviisa, Finland. the road transport from Żarnowiec to the port of Gdynia, Hel quay, was ensured using special low-loading trailers. The sea transport was carried out on the PH-ZPGDY 21 sea pontoon; using the RO-RO method, trailers with elements of the reactor were rolled on the pontoon and then tractors were loaded. In the port of Loviisa, unloading also involved the RO-RO method.